Foundation Program

What is the Foundation Program?

The Foundation Program (FP) is a weekly class designed for students to gain a deeper understanding of Buddha’s teachings (dharma) by studying a series of texts by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, a contemporary Buddhist Master and founder of the New Kadampa Tradition in the West. FP enables us to gain a deep understanding and experience of Buddhist teachings and meditation practices. It is ideal for those who have a general understanding of Buddhism, but who wish to learn more. FP takes us from simple methods for overcoming our everyday problems to understandings that lead to a more permanent happiness and inner peace.

What does FP involve?

FP classes consist of teachings, guided meditations, discussions and practical exercises which are aimed at improving the practical application of Buddhist teachings in daily life. Through gaining profound insights we can develop authentic spiritual realisations, which in turn will improve our ability to find inspiring solutions in these difficult times.

How do I join the FP?

Weekly FP classes are offered weekly at Dharma Centres around the country. While the Central West does not yet have a Centre, Central West students can participate in the Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre FP by correspondence. Each week recordings of the classes on the Coast will be made available to Central West FP students.

Cost of participating in the FP by correspondence is $70/month. This fee also allows you to attend regular talks in the Central West at no additional costs. (This excludes special events.)

Joining the FP involves enrolling for one section of a book, or a whole book at a time. Correspondence students commit themselves to studying sincerely, listening to the recordings of each class, trying to memorise the main points of the subjects covered and sitting an exam at the end of the book, or section.

To join the FP or for more information, please contact Khedrubje Centre on 02 4385 2609 or email

Why the need for a committed study program?

We may have received some teachings or read some Dharma books and find them relatively easy to understand and accept, but we find it difficult to integrate this advice into our daily lives, or use it to solve our problems. At the moment, when we study Buddha’s teachings, our mind remains passive, like someone watching television. Therefore, our daily life and our Dharma practice remain completely separate and unrelated. Why is this? It is because we are not studying and practising systematically according to a specially designed spiritual program. If we pick at Dharma randomly we shall never gain deep and stable experience. – Excerpt from a talk given by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso